This is a blurb on one of the greatest books that I've ever read in my life.I call this a blurb because it would be a gross injustice to call this a  review.'Roots'demands much more.

A scorchingly  realistic revelation of the 'Slave Trade' that caused the black community of America;
A man's search of the roots of his existence;
Crisp,simple and captivating narration without a hint of sentimentality;
Pangs of violent and cruel truth reveals itself even when the fiction element tries to smoothen it;
A work of epic dimensions.

Kinta Kinte,the African abducted by the traders to America,is an unforgettable and powerful character.

The fact that today a black man runs the very state that once tortured the community seems like poetic justice.

Alex Haley's 'Roots' is a true classic.


Rubin Joseph said...

Lipinse,this is interesting to see u writing like this.but remember,review of a book must b something hav depth.why is it so spl to u etc...this is lyk the cover page note of a book..and keep this writing format in blog writing..thats gud,bcoz it wil help the reader to easily follow u..gud luck

Rubin Joseph said...

y u r updating ur blog?