Kalpana Sharma in H C U
Kalpana Sharma, veteran journalist and writer, delivered a lecture on the topic " Journalism as if Gender Matters" at the Dept of Communications yesterday. Me being a regular follower of her column 'The Other Half'  in 'The Hindu', was absolutely thrilled to finally see her in flesh and blood. It was almost as if someone very near to you had come to town! ( Well, I had the same feeling when Paul Krugman won the Nobel for Economics last year, courtesy the 'Paul Krugman column' in the same newspaper!)

She talked in length about how developing a gender sensitive approach is crucial in contemporary journalism. The talk was followed by an interactive session with the audience. Crucially, the 'inside view' that she as a journalist of immense experience could bring was clearly visible throughout the talk

To top it all, I also managed to have a little chat with Ms.Sharma after the session. It was a delightful evening, indeed.

N.B:  to know more about Kalpana Sharma, please check out this website- http://www.indiatogether.org/opinions/kalpana/

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oh dats really gr8 ram................indeed was a wonderful opportuninty..
i have been reading Kalpana Sharma's articles since my school days.

its an inexplicable sensation always when you see the writer whom you always read,refer, admire come out of the frame of the book in flesh n blood...