At H C U
Hey friends,

It's been a while.
And here is the reason- got admission at the H C U (Hyderabad Central University) for M A programme ( Pol.Science).
Had to do some running around to get my papers in order. Hence the gap.Still there's a considerably long list of documents  Iam yet to submit here at the university : the T C, Marklist, Provisional....

Well, I have to confess, its worth the effort. This is a humongous, gigantic and mind blowing one - this campus. Its supposed to be not less than 2300 acres, one of the largest in Asia itself. The chief mode of transport is none other than our good old bicycle!! Its really a pleasant sight to see them dominating the road once again, believe me.I have also bought one (the vintage model, with steel bars and all!). Life without a bicycle is almost impossible here. Its 3.5 km from my hostel to the dept.

And the greenery is heartening, to say the least. Actually its not greenery, its wilderness! I have already seen mongooses, monkeys and a peacock.Walking from the hostel to the main campus in the morning is a refreshing experience.

The only disappointment so far has been missing Arundhati Roy's lecture.She was here on 12th, invited by the Uni. to deliver a lecture on Globalisation. I could join only on 14th, a real pity.

Hindi serves the purpose of a link language here. From the University staff to the auto rickshaw driver,  natives communicate in Hindi with outsiders.

Food is adjustable,though I spend much more time in the toilet these days!

So that's it about H C U for the time being. I do plan to develop this in to a column of sorts if time permits, so that I can share 'the H C U Life' with you.

N.B: If Mr.Rubin happens to get the feed of this post by any chance, pls do respond!!


runcie said...

cngratz 4 ur acievemnt....i wish i were a part of hcu

runcie said...

interesting can briefly visualize the campus........