Public Meeting

The campus life slowly picks up pace as activities gets started. There was a public meeting yesterday night at the GOPS (a popular eatery and hang out at the campus) organised by SFI. Prof. Hargopal, renowned Political scientist and human rights activist, was the main speaker. He spoke on the topic 'The Changing Nature of Indian State', followed by an interaction with the students.The highlight of the talk for me was his concluding remark " Marxism is a way of thought and not a substitution for thought".

It has started raining here and memories slowly comes calling!!


Rubin, 9446185779 said...

its nice to read ur updates frm blogging thadhiva!!!!

Jinju said...

at least u r diligent enough to post abt hcu life! keep it up, comrade! enjoying dem :)and abt d rain, i hate dis constant drizzle, dis "powder rain'!it mks life so inconvenient! bt thank god, at least its not gtng me blue d way it used to wen i was back home... so well, rain is just rain for me now.full stop. no memories, thank u :) bt nice to knw, u r enjoying d rain nd d nostalgia :)